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Head Quarters Therapeutic Massage Services


Massage is an excellent tool for restoring and maintaining optimum health. Whether you have a recent injury, a chronic strain or just need to decompress from daily life, therapeutic massage can provide relief from your symptoms. By releasing fascial restrictions, aiding the circulatory and lymphatic systems, lowering blood pressure and promoting endorphin production, massage therapy can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Ease pain
  • Rejuvenate aching, knotted muscles

Each massage treatment provided at Head Quarters Massage is tailored to meet your specific needs. A combination of therapeutic techniques are used to address your health issues and renew your body and spirit. Pampering and preventive medicine aren’t often used in the same sentence – but with massage therapy they should be!


Customize to Target Neck, Shoulders, Back, & Arms
5 Minutes chair massage $7
10 Minutes chair massage $15
15 Minutes chair massage $20
20 Minutes chair massage $25
25 Minutes chair massage $30


Swedish Massage (Deep Tissue & Sports Massage add $5)
30 Minutes table massage $45
45 Minutes table massage $60
60 Minutes table massage $78
90 Minutes table massage $110
120 Minutes table massage $150

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